How the Chart Pattern Symmetrical Triangle work In the Stock Market.

The Symmetrical triangle is the most used full chart pattern in the stock market. This is a very used pattern in technical analysis. It makes mainly for changing the trend. It’s not easy to catch this pattern quickly. This pattern works on both sides.

According to this pattern. Whichever side the market breaks, the same side market starts moving. To catch this momentum, we need a perfect technical analyst because the chart analyst in the stock market can identify this chart.

symmetrical triangle

This Chart pattern works everywhere in the stock market. Spouse If this chart forms in the middle of the market. Then we will wait for the brake out of any side. If the market breaks the Symmetrical triangle on the downside, the possibility is that the market can go downside significantly. If the Symmetrical Triangle chart pattern breaks on the upside, the market can move upside down.

This pattern also forms at the top and bottom of the market. It’s not necessary to the form on the exact place in the market. If you have a good grip on the chart, you can find that chart pattern in the Frist impression. Because the graph is know everything about the chart.

How Is It Perform In the Market?

Now the question comes of how the symmetrical triangle is formed. So let me tell you, this pattern often starts in the middle of the market trend. It helps to continue in the same direction. The market comes in a continuous uptrend before this pattern forms.

And then, the market performs a high and immediately puts in a new swing low after that. But this is performing a low little more elevated than another last-swing low. And it does the same process at least two-three times.

how it is perform

Suppose we join these swing high and swing high with the help of a trend line in the Symmetrical Triangle pattern. Then we will get the result like the shape of a triangle. We can also call it a range because the market stops after running an excellent last bull in this pattern. After that, it starts moving up and down.

The market gets consolidated, forming a good triangle on this level. What is the thinking behind the train line in the triangle? Friends, the line is coming from below in the triangle. We also call it Support. In other words, it can also reach a demand zone.

We call it a support zone because the market is going up with Support again and again here. And the same process is repeated at every swing low. On every swing low the trend shirking by the market.

How To Trade Symmetrical Triangle –

It is straightforward for a person who has researched. It is well, and his eyes are so intense that he can catch this pattern on sight. Then it is straightforward for him to trade. But I will tell you how to track it for a new trader. First, a new trader should know how to draw the train line. It doesn’t matter, even if it doesn’t know. One thing he should know is technical analysis.

how to trade it

Now let’s talk about how to trade it. After all, the technical analysis has been done. We have to look at the swing highs and lows of the triangle to see where they are forming. Now whatever swing high is in the triangle, if the market breaks that swing high. Then we have to buy and put the stop loss on the last swing low of the triangle.

In the Sell-side case. If the market brake the last swing low with the heavy volume, we should sit for selling side entry. And we put the stop loss on the previous swing high with some buffing. This is a simple essay entry on the Symmetrical triangle.

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