Stock Market: Some Basic Words Use In Daily Routine

Stock market Friends, today we are going to talk about some words about the stock market which we use in our routine while trading. Usually, this is the part of the stock market dictionary.

We use these words daily, but we do not know their meaning. In today’s post, we will mention them and tell them the fundamental importance of those words in the market.

daily stock market use words

If you will use those words in the stock market then you can improve your vocabulary in the stock market.

The stock market has all information. With this information, you can become a good trader in some time. The market loves only those traders who love to follow markets rule and regulations.

Bullish Market :

Friends, if you feel that the market will go up and the market is going up and going up, and the prices are also increasing rapidly, then it means that the market is still in possession of the buyer or not the possession of the bear. And it is pulling the market in its direction.

stock market bullish

In the other words when the market moves on the upside and performs higher high and higher low. The total control of the market is in hands of buyers. They can move fastly and slowly the market.

Bear Market

Friends, this is precisely opposite to the bull market; in this, you feel that the market will go down in the coming time, and if it goes down, then that market is bearish, which means that the sellers are constantly selling their positions.

Due to this, the market slips continuously. And they do not give any chance to the buyer to recover their Position. It is essential to those who are working in the stock market.

Trend :

Friends trend means in which direction the market is going. If the market is going upside, then it is called an Uptrend. If the market goes down, then it is called a downtrend. It is the market in a price or range. Then the call market is sideways.

If a person works continuously according to the trend, he is always profitable. And if he goes in the opposite direction, he will soon incur heavy losses. That’s why we can call directions our best friends. Stock Market is the only basic word.

Open Low High Close :

Friends, open high, low, and close means at which price one was open in the market, how much high he had put in the whole day and how much he had put low, and how much he closed his price by doing momentum, in other words, open high low And by the close.

stock market open high low close

It means the market openly closed by putting as much low as it was high. Friends, it is also called the stock market’s soul because it helps perform basic word candlesticks In Stock Market.

Long Position in the Stock market :

Friends, a long position means we have to sit on a particular side. Suppose you have bought shares in a company. And you are sitting in it for a long time. It means you are people in it. In other words, you will also be called Bullish.

Long positions are created mainly by people who have to invest for a long time within a Share. Swing trading can also be treated as an extended position. This is the safe side for trading in the stock market basic word.

Short Position in the stock market:

Friends, a short position means to sell a share, and we do not even have it. The temporary work is done in equity for intraday only. We can do short posts in the future. It can also be done in option.

We can not do quick work in equity for more than one day, but we can do it easily in the future. Vote, but for that, we will need a lot of funds.

The short Position can also be risky. We cannot keep it for long, Because we have to cut it under compulsion. When you go short, your outlook is bearish. You profit when the stock or index goes down. You will suffer a loss if the price goes up after shorting.


When you short, another participant in the market is lending you the shares; you have to pay back the loan by giving the shares later. But all this happens in the backend system.

Shorting is easy; you must call your broker and ask him to short the stock. Or you can go online, choose the shares, and make a deal to sell.

short in stock market

If you want to go short and keep the short Position for a few days, then it is better to do all this in the derivative market.

.The shorter gains when the price goes down and loses when the price goes up.

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